First #LastFriday

Here we are, one month into this beautiful adventure, and We’ve already accomplished so much… from building a stage, to setting up a beautiful new studio, to surrounding myself with other ambitions, Inspired, and Like-Minded Individuals. I Couldn’t ask for a better start.

Blake Wiesner, a friend, a brother, and my new roommate started an artist Movement called “#Lastfridays”. These events are for any creative mind, whether it be Musician, visual artist, Poet, or even Comedian to come together to network, perform, and grow together. Since moving into our new home Together, I have had the pleasure to Co-Host this beautiful event, and let me tell you… the amount of talent that is flowing through las vegas is BREATH TAKING.

Hutch- AKA Peter parker came to play^

You Got Venom in your potion… -Dru

Rockstars in the making… Blake and KidNamedCam^

Jae Mothafreakin Douglass^w

Cops came but show must go on…

Elijah is showing us truly how long his hair is…

S/o to the band, they never get enough Recognition… David Rice is the closest thing to jesus you’ll ever see and hear….

you can feel it in every single…Atom hehe 😀

You cant forget Zhou…

A simple recap; 4 Musicians moved into a suburban home and within 4 days built a stage, and threw one of the hottest artists events in Las Vegas… and it is only getting bigger! Keep tuning in to watch this Incredible journey.

as always… Please remember to breathe, and enjoy your…


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