Thoughts from a Lost Boy #1

Today I had a conversation with a good producing friend of mine named “ALLTALE”. During our talk we both came to the conclusion that life is moving incredibly fast. Now more than ever its important to recognize, and internalize our own milestones, even if its as simple as creating a memory folder, or even an informal blog…. Because if we don’t, we will not only lose sight of what we are trying to do, but what we have done. “Rockstardom” is a dream that fuels my inner ambition, and motivates me to be the best I can be…. However, the thought of big shows, and adoring fans isn’t always something you can see tangibly right away. So don’t don’t forget to appreciate the little things, and the little victories, like setting up a website, getting professional photos taken, or planning for a big release. We are all striving for the end goal, but often times when we get there… We are looking back and trying to remember HOW we got there. So enjoy the journey, because time moves fast, and you never know… It could all be over in an instant.

For fans, friends, and family alike, this will be a public record of my thoughts, struggles, and accomplishment. Be wary… I’ve never had a filter. Much love to all who read this, don’t give up, live the journey, and as always…

Remember To Breathe, And Enjoy Your…


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