Holy crap I have Covid….

It’s a very strange time that we all live in. We are the most technologically connected that we’ve ever been… yet the most physically distant. A disease runs rampant, shutting down the world, and causing mass paranoia the likes the world has never seen. It is a tough time to live during, but also a time in which it’s difficult to measure, and gain growth.

As a struggling but budding young artist, I have 3 very important jobs:

  1. Make music
  2. Grow my brand
  3. Meet people and make connections

One and two I’m working at as hard as I can, but unfortunately the third very important step is next to impossible in todays time.

I am literally bursting at the seams with passion and excitement, dying to make connections, friends, and memories that will propel my career and life forward. Yet I’m trapped in my bedroom surfing through instagram, disconnected by a screen and the internet. What is the solution? I sure as hell don’t know, but all you can really do is keep working, keep breathing, and figure it out as it comes to you. I wish I had a book that told me how two become a musical phenom, but life not that simple, nor easy. If it was that easy… It also be boring.

For any artist, or hopes creative reading this out there…


We will get through this. Keep creating, be nice to people, believe and be kind to your self, never give up, and as always…

Remember To Breathe, And Enjoy Your...


About the Author Gabriel Powter

Gabriel Power - Music Creator, Producer, and Entrepeneur

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